At Halo,

We hand-make, seal, and number each bottle of our craft liqueur.

Many Eastern European families made versions of honey liqueurs to share with loved ones – Halo, as you taste it today, perfected by Bill and his oldest son Bill, is our family’s version. Halo is an all-natural, gluten-free, spiced honey liqueur that balances an exotic spiciness with the sweetness of real honey.

Connecting generations …

The influence of Eastern European culture has blessed our family.

After facing the impacts of WWII, Peter and Catherine immigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe through Ellis Island in New York Harbor. This first step onto American soil afforded them the opportunity to attain the American Dream, through hard work and love of their new country. While assimilating into their new culture they maintained their core values of family, faith, traditions, and love of sharing food and drink.  When Peter and Catherine’s daughter Kathy married, her husband Bill embraced her cultural heritage and they raised their children with the same love of deep family traditions and hospitality.

You may notice a slight sedimentation on the bottom of the bottle as the thirteen high quality all-natural flavors and spices tend to settle after time. To ensure the perfect mixture of flavors, we always encourage shaking the bottle prior to pouring.

Our favorite way to enjoy Halo is as a shot straight out of the freezer or sipped over ice; but Halo mixes amazingly well and we encourage you to check out all of the recipes we have online! To see our recipe of the month please click here. To submit your favorite recipe and be entered into our quarterly special prize drawing please click here.