Frequently Asked Questions

What is Halo?

Halo is a true, small-batch craft liqueur from a small family-owned business.  Our recipe is gluten-free and consists of exotic spices and herbs that balance the natural sweetness of real honey.

Why is it gluten free?

Halo is gluten free because it is corn based and contains no wheat, barley, rye, or any other gluten-containing ingredients.

Where do you get your honey?

We get our honey from a supplier in Iowa.  While we have looked into using local honey, most suppliers are unable to meet our demands on quality and/or cannot supply the needed volume.

What is the alcohol content?

Halo is 60 proof (30% alcohol).

How can I drink it?

Halo is most commonly served as a shot straight out of the freezer or sipped from a glass over ice.  However, it blends well and is enjoyed in a variety of ways!  Please take a moment to review our recipe tab on the top of this page, and definitely share your recipe ideas with us!

How did you come up with the recipe?

Halo is a family recipe that has been refined over years.  It contains no added sugars, artificial flavors or colors.  Please read our “About Us” story for more information.

Where do you make it?

Halo is made and bottled by Halo Honey Shots Inc (HHS, Inc.) using the facility at the Painted Stave Distillery in Smyrna, Delaware.  Typically you will find mother, father, and son producing Halo, and sometimes Baba, age 95 helping as well.  Baba loves her Halo and hot tea nightly, and truly enjoys being part of the manufacturing process.

Where can I buy it?

See our store locator section on our website for locations.  If your favorite liquor store does not carry Halo, simply ask them to stock it!  We are distributed by RNDC in Maryland, and Breakthru Beverage in Delaware – all the business owner would need to do is ask their liquor reps for delivery; it is in-stock at the distributors, and ready to go!  If you have any problems please do contact us directly.

Can I order it on-line?

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship Halo at this time.

What states are you available in?

We are in Maryland, Delaware, and DC.  We hope to make Colorado our next state very soon!